A downloadable sandbox

Do you like sandbox games? Is a level editor the first thing you care about when diving into a game? Do you like crashing games due to too many objects being on screen at once? We're going to assume you said yes, since we can't actually see your reaction. In that case, welcome to BuildBytes!

BuildBytes is a multiplayer sandbox made for creating levels and sharing them with the community! You can create all kinds of levels, from:

  • Bhop levels
  • Arenas
  • Just general levels that you and your mates have filled with skrengs

And many more! 


All builds before 2.0 are going to be on itch.io and Game Jolt for free or donation. After 2.0, the game will be released to Steam for full price. Donating before 2.0 will ensure you get a key to the Steam version when it releases

Development log